The aim of the fluorinated greenhouse gases regulatory framework is to minimise emissions mainly through leak prevention and repair. Specific provisions include leak checking obligations and the requirement that personnel and companies must be appropriately certificated if they undertake work on equipment, such as air conditioning. Full details of all of the obligations can be found in the information sheets provided by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) business support unit. F-Gas support, a government sponsored unit, provides guidance to organisations and individuals affected by the framework. The information sheets and other F-Gas guidance can be found on the Defra website at: 

In relation to the requirement to keep records the EC F gas Regulation, in Article 3(6), states that:

“Operators...shall maintain records on the quantity and type of fluorinated greenhouse gases installed, any quantities added and the quantity recovered during servicing, maintenance and final disposal. They shall also maintain records of other relevant information including the identification of the company or technician who performed the servicing or maintenance, as well as the dates and results of the checks carried out”

For full details on record keeping requirements see F-Gas Support Information Sheet RAC 6 section 3. For details on record keeping for HCFC equipment see Information Sheet RAC 8 section 5 (these can be downloaded from the F-Gas Support website, In addition, Article 3 of Commission Regulation (EC 1516/2007) on leak checking in stationary refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump equipment, states that:

Applications Containing > 3 Kg of F Gases   Check Required Every 12 Months

 Applications Containing > 30 Kgs of F Gases   Check Required Every 6 Months

 Applications Containing > 300 Kgs of F Gases   Check Required Every 3 Months

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